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Bulletproof’s reports always contain a high-level business summary before moving on to an in-depth breakdown of any weakness, vulnerability or misconfiguration found during the test along with mitigation advice. These will then be presented in order of priority, giving our clients a checklist to improve their security.
Nettitude’s security consultants hold CISSP qualifications, and many also host CISA and CISM accreditations. Our team of testers includes CHECK Team Leaders within infrastructure and web applications, as well CHECK Team Members. Identifies weaknesses you didn’t know were there– Penetration testing looks for the potential backdoors into your network that exist without your knowledge. Allows you to understand the environment–A penetration test allows you to understand what is going on in the environment around you, and it helps you to understand the COMPUTER NETWORKING types of cyber attacks that your organisation may face. At Mandiant, you’ll be faced with complex problem-solving opportunities and hands-on technical opportunities on a daily basis. We help our clients protect their most sensitive and valuable data through comprehensive and real-world scenario emulation, based off of the most up-to-date threat intelligence. This role is highly technical and challenging with opportunities to work in some of the most exciting areas of security consulting on projects that have a meaningful impact across industries.

We have, therefore, carried out more granular geographic analysis using the Travel to Work Areas in the UK. Figure 7.3 shows the top 15 TTWAs for core cyber job postings in absolute terms and in terms of Location Quotients. The latter measure shows how concentrated labour market demand is within a geographic area. A Location Quotient of 1.2, for example, indicates that the demand for core cyber employees is 20 per cent higher than the UK average. The darker the colour on the heatmap, the higher the density of cyber jobs in that region.
SECURE OFFICE 365 As the world’s most widely used SaaS platform, Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with over 600,000 companies in the United States alone using the office suite software. Office 365 is the brand name used by Microsoft for a group of software applications providing productivity-related services to its subscribers. Office 365 applications include Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. CYBERSHIELD Defender Plus is an endpoint & email focused cybersecurity service powered by Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. It Includes all the features and benefits found in CYBERSHIELD Defender and also includes email security. The email security service helps safeguard your organisation against malicious threats posted by email messages, links and collaboration tools. CYBERSHIELD SOC AS A SERVICE Our Security Operations Centre delivers advanced, next-generation managed threat detection and incident response services to protect your organisation from emerging cyber threats.
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However, whilst these tests accurately represent real life situations, they will not pick up any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that may be present internally. A penetration test will give companies an overview of their security posture, highlighting flaws and allowing them to be patched before they are targeted by malicious hackers. Also known as white hat or ethical hacking, penetration tests are a vital part of an effective security strategy and are a mandatory component of many compliance schemes. Contact and speak directly to a Pen Testing London specialist to discuss your requirements in further detail. Alternatively, you can provide more information in the form below and a member of staff will contact you shortly.
The platform focuses on cyber threats that are specific to our clients’ environments. We monitor the Dark Web and the criminal hacker underground for exposure of our clients’ credentials to malicious individuals. Wizard Cyber can perform a simulated phishing attack to determine your organisation’s current susceptibility to this type of attack, identifying the groups of users most at risk. SECURE THE ENDPOINT Endpoint antivirus is a must-have to secure the endpoints. Today’s threat landscape and new tactics and tools being developed to circumvent endpoint protection. CYBERSHIELD Sentinel is our most advanced package that offers protection for endpoint, email, Office 365, Cloud Apps, Azure, on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure along with a cloud SIEM. CYBERSHIELD Sentinel offers complete 360-degree protection from endpoint to servers, mobile devices, web, email, mobile, cloud applications and a cloud SIEM.
Other more comprehensive tests will build upon what we have already learned requiring manual and deeper analysis of data sources. This is your opportunity to tell us what you want tested and ultimately what your testing objectives are, as we want to make sure you achieve your goals. Assess security hygiene inline with industry and compliance regulation requirements and alignment to formal mandates. You must be cautious which third party apps you install, as a number of malicious apps that threaten mobile security are innocently downloaded from third party app stores. However, there are malicious mobile applications around that make surface or deep-system changes for criminal purposes. The chances are you use popular applications to change the functioning of your mobile device.

Prism Infosec is delighted to announce that its approach and methodologies for the delivery of Simulated Target Attack Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing services has been assessed and approved by CREST. To help you fulfil your future career goals, our Careers, Student Development & Outreach service provides support, advice and assistance every step of the way.

This shows, as expected, a clustering of job posts in London and the South East. The monthly breakdown of job postings in Figure 7.1 demonstrates that demand for cyber talent was particularly high in the 6-month period prior to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation . It has subsequently reduced to a level that has been relatively sustained post-May 2018.
If social engineering is included in the test, recon activity may include searching publicly available sources for staff contact details, staff pass designs or email address formats. OhSo Technical provides Network Penetration Services to Local Organisations that wish to maximise their Network Security Resilience and eliminate the threat of unauthorised access to their Company and Client data. The Executive Report is the very first section written so that the senior management can just see the high-level results and the overall risk, with minimal technical speak. This is a very controlled phase and you will be kept up to date at all times, we will also never go outside of the defined scope of the project.

Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. By creating this job alert, you agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Download our Featured Case Study to learn about how JUMPSEC worked in partnership with the AA to improve their security posture. The more your organisation relies on technology, the more important it is to know if your existing security is robust enough to stand up to new and emerging threats.
For instance, there was a perception that current training courses are too skewed towards London, making it harder for those who have to travel to reach them. As Figure 4.8 illustrates, over 4 in 10 businesses (44%) are also not confident in their ability to write an incident response plan. As Figure 4.2 shows, these firms tend to rate both a wider understanding of law and compliance and soft skills highly, as indicated by the high average scores out of 10. Nearly half (46%) consider it essential for their staff to have an understanding of legal or compliance issues and 3 in 10 see it as essential for them to have good soft skills. A specific issue raised around neurodiversity was with integrating neurodivergent employees into the workforce.

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